I have finally gotten around to making a sample chart board of all my enamels.  I bought the sampler selection of enamels when I purchased my kiln and enamel set-up, and then promptly took a hiatus from working on jewelry and metal related crafting. Now I really want to get back into the whole process and jump in head first doing something new with jewelry, focusing on glass enamels, maybe a little glass slumping, maybe some lampwork glass beads too, now that I can anneal them properly.

But anyway, back to the enamels chart. I found a piece of board that was roughly the right size, and then set about making a paper template to make sure all the enamels fit and to have a way to make all the nails line up to hang the samples.

Next, I cleaned all the pieces of copper that were to be used for the samples using a degreaser and set them out to dry.

And then I fired all the individual samples.  Since I only have two shelves, it took a while to load them all and fire off all the batches.

And then I put them all in numerical order on the board and hung it near my kiln…

And here is an up close shot of the samples.  It reminds of of a Pantone color selector chart.


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