Daisy. Year 4 at least.

This Gerber daisy should not still be alive, technically. According to Wikipedia Gerber daisy’s are annuals, which means they are not supposed to live past one season.  Sadly, I am not nice to this plant, barely watering it during the winter months it dies almost all the way back to where there are only a couple of leaves left.   Somehow, it survives in the garage with very little water and gets very neglected. And then there are the squirrels.  Last year, the squirrels started digging out and eating the roots, and even worse, they eat the new flowers as they start to bloom.

Then every spring I’ll add a little new potting soil to fill up the pot from all the digging out the squirrels have done, and start watering it a little more regularly, leave it out all day in the sun, and TA-DA, it always comes right back and starts sending out new leaves and flowers.  It’s just does not know that it is supposed to die.  And then the flowers start coming…


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