Maybe it’s a Wildflower?

I am obsessed with a “flower” that has sprouted up among the zinnias.  I have no idea what it is, but it is really strange. All the little fuzzy balls look like miniature dandelions that are very fragile and then this morning there were these little yellow flowers that only lasted a few hours that popped out.  It’s very tall and leaning over and really looks more like a weed to everyone but me. Love it!!

Last night, we found a bird in the backyard that did not seem to be able to move around too well. It did not even try to fly away and it let us get very close and so we knew something was wrong with it. This morning the bird was still hanging out in the back yard and moving around a little better.  I put out some water in case it needed a drink. I checked on it several times and it seemed to be moving around more.  And then, after a few hours I went back to check and it was dead, and had been long enough for the ants to attack it’s little dead body.  So sad. But it’s the way nature works.

R.I.P. Birdie……


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