City sculpture. And the daisy that will not die.

I was in the passenger seat of the car on Saturday and looked over to find this neat jumble of tubes coming out of the ground.  It looked like a city sculpture to me.  City sculpture is something that was not intended to have an artistic value, but does so accidentally.

I notice little things like this almost everyday, but today I had my camera, which does not happen often enough.  It’s just one of the reasons that I am so happy to be a city girl after growing up in the middle of the woods, just waiting for the day I could live in a large city.

And another shot of the gerber daisy.  It has sprouted one of it’s crazy two-headed flowers. It has done this once before a long time ago. But this time the flower probably won’t mature fully, because this late in the season the flowers are usually not fully formed and don’t last that long.  But I just have to document the longest living gerber daisy evah…… and it’s strange abilities.


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