Space: The Final Frontier.

Yes, I am a Star Trek: The Next Generation geek.  I geek out over lots of things, and space travel is just one of them. So today I feel like sharing these links:

The Last Space Shuttle Mission. Space shuttle launches are so expected and ordinary today that they are only a footnote on the news.  This one will probably get more attention.  But when I was a kid I remember crowding around a small TV in the library and sitting on the floor with all the other kids to watch shuttle launches, they seemed like a huge deal at the time.

Space Junk. Really neat-o illustrated images and photos off all the space junk floating around in space. Somehow it springs to my mind the images of the plastic floating trash islands out in the oceans that get published occasionally.

Astronomy Picture of the Day. I still click this link most days and it’s always an interesting image. Lots of them are Hubble Telescope images and they are a fascinating peak into all the fascinating things out there in space.


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