Holiday Design Inspiration

Vintage christmas books to get inspiration:

It has come to my attention that people really do remember me for the holiday cards with a handmade ornament included in the card every year.  Several people that I don’t see very often, when I ran into them this year randomly, made mention of my holiday cards by talking about the ornament that I always include.  This year I was going with one of the designs out of this book, but have since decided on something else completely. One evening last week when John got home from work, we were talking about my design for this year. I was telling him about my two different ideas, and he got very inspired about one of the two ideas, and so that is the one that I am going with. (Of course I can’t tell you what it is, you will just have to wait!)  Now I just have to design a card to match the ornament!!  Some years the design for the card comes first, and others like this year, the ornament comes first.  I have bought most of the materials that I will need, but for some crazy reason I decided to make cut out cookies Halloween cookies instead of working on my ornaments yesterday:

BOO!!  So much work to make iced cut out cookies!  But so yummy!  Here’s the recipe.  I bought a set of ghost-shaped cutters on clearance Friday night and just had to use them.  So now we can officially move on to Christmas…..


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