It’s Baking Week!

Isn’t this week official holiday baking week?  I know there are people that spend lots more time in the weeks before Christmas baking and freezing tons of cookies and other goodies, but I prefer to just wing it and make whatever I am feeling at the last minute.  Yesterday that was chocolate crinkle cookies!

I cannot believe that I have not made these before!!  So yummy, like a cross between a cookie on the outside an a brownie on the inside.  They do take a little work, but was relieved when the recipe said to chill the dough for at least 2 hours. I really do like baking recipes that can be separated into two steps.  The real trick to these cookies I found out through reading about a dozen different recipes, is to roll each ball of dough into regular sugar first and then in the powdered sugar, that is what keeps the powdered sugar bright white and on top of the cookie and gives them the snowy effect, and of course the inhaled powdered sugar effect too if you are not careful!  John took most of these to work with him today for everyone at work to enjoy.

I still have a long list of things to make, better get a move on…..


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