More Baking!

On Monday, I made a double batch of home-made pretzels, one to keep and one to give to June for Christmas. I used this recipe from this earlier post.  On Tuesday, I made Chocolate Crispie cookies, trying to make them like the ones that they sell at Central Market. They are great tasting, and the texture is almost there, but the recipe still needs a little work.  They are also gluten-free, as they only have powdered sugar, cocoa powder, chopped nuts, and egg whites in them.  It was hard finding the recipe, I only found a couple that I worked from to make these. This batch, I only whisked the egg whites to frothy before stirring them in, I think that if I whip the egg whites into soft peaks and then fold in the other ingredients, they will have the texture that I am looking for, so I will try that in the next batch.

I also made Rugelach, which has many spellings and many variations depending on who you ask. This was the first time that I had ever made these.  SO GOOD! I am not that great at rolling them together, so they look kind of messy when they came out of the oven, but oh my, they are so yummy.  I used this recipe but I omitted the raisins because I am not a big fan of raisins in baked goods.  Even though they do not make a pretty picture, they are great tasting and I will be making them again to perfect my rolling technique!  Cream cheese and butter dough, apricot preserves, walnuts, and cinnamon sugar, so simple and so good.  I highly recommend making these.

Today is candy making day!!  I am making old-fashioned peanut patties and butter toffee with chocolate and pecans. And if I get really industrious I might try my hand at caramels, but only if i have the energy after stirring those peanut patties for an eternity.  That’s the trick to home-made candy, lots of stirring by hand to get the feel for the right texture.

Tomorrow should be an easy day, I am making two kinds of nuts, cinnamon sugar pecans and Ina Garten’s Rosemary Roasted Cashews.  I’ll let you know how they turn out…


Happy Holidays!



2 thoughts on “More Baking!

  1. Alisa says:

    I am trying to recreate the CM Chocolate Crispie Cookie and was wondering if you would be willing to share the recipe you were working from when you made them. I,too, have been scouring the web and not having much luck. It has become my husband’s new fav. and would love to surprise him with a fresh batch.

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