Nothing to see here.

Have had a boring couple of weeks, so nothing fun to post lately.  I have been taking online classes to learn Dreamweaver, trying to figure out where to advertise my Etsy store,, and doing a lot of everyday grocery shopping and cooking, with a little baking thrown in for good measure.

I baked some blueberry scones this weekend, they turned out yummy, and the blueberries were kind of tart, which worked well in the scones.

On an unrelated note: We went and looked at a house for rent this weekend in the neighborhood.  It was really well kept for its age, but had a strange layout, and when we asked to see the garage and the backyard, he said that the garage was full of stuff that he was storing, but that we might be able to get our car in there. What?  This has happened several times, the owner is using the garage for his personal storage.  Why?  It never fails to astonish me that people have places for rent, but oh, you only get say 85% of what you are paying rent for. It is just strange to us that people think this is acceptable.  But the list of things people find acceptable as landlords is a long and strange list, so I should not be surprised at this point.




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