What I baked today.

Today I made some coconut macaroons.  Not the fancy french macaroon sandwich type cookie that is kind of popular right now, which are made with almond flour and whipped egg whites. The old fashioned shredded coconut kind using the recipe on the back of the package:

I like to flatten mine slightly so that you get more crunchy edge and less soft interior. I also recommend that you whip the egg whites with a whisk to give them a little air, even though the recipe did not indicate to do so, I think they have a nicer texture this way.  This is one of John’s favorite cookies so I made a batch for him to take to work.  They have lots of orders this week so a few treats might help everyone have the energy to get it all done!

I also made these really easy oatmeal almond crisps from Martha Stewart. They are just oats, sliced almonds and a little melted butter, brown sugar and one egg to bind it all together. The mixture does not really form a cookie dough, the butter and brown sugar are just enough to bind it all together, and then you spread small spoonfuls of the mixture into thin cookies with an offset spatula.  I don’t like the texture of hot oatmeal and wanted to find a way to incorporate more whole oats into breakfast/snacks and I think this is experiment is off to a good start.  Next up, some kind of oatmeal bars…



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