Cardinal of Spring.

Isn’t he pretty against the blue sky?  Every year in early spring a pair of cardinals appears around our condo.  They seem to build a nest somewhere and hang out around our complex for at least a couple of months. They fly around the parking lot landing on the parked cars and hanging out in the trees and bushes.  I would like to think that the same little couple keeps coming back every year, but who knows!

On Saturday I caught them both hanging out in this tree together, but I did not get the chance to photograph them together.  I was lucky to have gotten this photo of the male on Sunday morning hanging out in the small tree that was planted in our back yard just before we moved in. The female is really pretty also in her own way, she has the same great orange beak, but she is a pinkish gray color, not bright red like her male counterpart.

This weekend we did some fruitless shoe shopping, hung out with some friends on Saturday night, and then on Sunday we unloaded two large bookshelves of books, one of them upstairs, and took them both out into the garage and stained them black. And then later reloaded all the books while reorganizing them in the living room. It took literally all day, I think we finally got all the books back in place around 10:30 last night after dinner. But it’s done!


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