Spring forward.

This tulip tree bloomed this past week it is so pretty.

These violas completely died away from the snow and ice in February, but then they sprang back to life and started blooming again.

This photo is of a house in my neighborhood with the first daffodils I have noticed this season, and yes those are bowling balls in the yard there in the parkway, and a couple more up there by the daffodils.

We also went to White Rock Lake and walked around on the path near the spillway, it was a beautiful day and the sailboats were out on the lake. Every time we go for a walk at least one bicycle almost clips me as they fly riding way too fast by yelling “on your left” right in your ear as they pass instead of giving you a chance to move to the right a little.  A couple of weekends ago we were at the Trinity River park in Fort Worth and could not believe how nice it was not to be yelled at by people on bicycles every two minutes, and we wished that our nice lake park was relaxed like that one was in Fort Worth, at our park you have to be on guard so you don’t get taken out by a bicycle.

And of course, just to torture ourselves, we made an appointment to look at another house this weekend and it was so promising from the outside.  The inside, not so much.  According to John, the whole thing smelled of urine right when we walked in, I was lucky enough to have a stuffy nose and could not smell very well.  The front door was a hollow interior style door that would not close properly after we walked in the living room. It also had a two car garage, with two separate doors, but only one of them had an auto door opener installed. The bathtub was recently re-enameled with the caulking intact, so if you wanted to replace it when it got moldy you would ruin the enamel coating. (How do I know this? Because I once tried to re-do the caulking around a bathtub that had been redone and encountered this problem!)  The kitchen counters were poorly installed ceramic tile with huge 1/4 inch grout lines. And the place was dirty, like obvious actual dirt anyone could see if they cared too. So I asked the agent, will the place be cleaned before the next tenant moves in?  Of course not he curtly announced, like I was nutty for asking, it already has been cleaned and then proceeded to finally see the obviously dirty stovetop right next to him. Whatever. Moving on… I feel like I should start a blog just dedicated to complaining about the rental market in Dallas!


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