Tiny sample socks.

So happy, I managed to complete the tiny sample socks last night! While I made several errors along the way, especially in the heel area which took me several tries to get right, but I just kept going and decided that the sample socks did not need to be perfect, just finished so I can move on to a pair that I can wear!  Here is a link to the amazon page for the book if you are interested.

Learning a new sock knitting technique where you knit two socks at once on one circular needle from the toe up was fun!  I tried twice to knit the pattern sample socks using a bamboo circular knitting needle that I already had and it did not work very well, the stitches keep getting stuck on the join of the circular needle.  I finally bought one of the circular needle recommended  in the book, an Addi Turbo Lace circular needle at a local yarn shop The Shabby Sheep and I love it!  The joins from the needle to the cord are completely smooth and rarely hang on the stitches when sliding them on and off of the needle, and you do that a lot with this technique.

I bought this book on a whim with a Barnes & Noble gift card I won at the office christmas party but did not get around to using it until February and I am glad that I did, it has been a long time since I have knit anything.  I had been interested in learning a toe-up sock knitting method and had tried one I found on the internet, but found myself frustrated with the tiny double-pointed needle method. I don’t mind knitting on double-pointed needles on the round if they are larger size, but 2.5 mm was just way to small and fiddly for me, the stitches kept sliding off as I approached the end of the needle. Anyway, I have enjoyed everything about this technique from the unique cast on method, to the tiny sample socks in different colors that you knit first just to learn the method. You knit them in different colors just to help train your eye to Sock A and Sock B, but I just LOVE the idea of knitting two at once and having a pair complete instead of having to knit two socks separately. Instant gratification of wearing them when you are finished!  Just had to share my happiness to be knitting again.

Note: Not a paid advertisement for the book or the yarn shop above, just a shout out because I like both things and I think it’s nice to share links!



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