This and that.

Spring is definitely in full effect! This yellow bugle vine is just loaded with blooms and hangs on the fence between our condos and the home next door.  Everything is springing to life, even my gerber daisy is still alive! It would be loaded with blooms by now if the squirrels had not decided to make a snack out of the flower buds right before they bloom on the last 4-5 flower heads that have sprouted. Right now there are 4 more that are at the stage the squirrels love, so we will have to wait and see if they get to bloom!

Spring cleaning is also in full effect around here!  Cleaning, organizing, sorting, and getting rid of stuff is just so much fun when you are in the mood.  I have been working on redoing my entire studio with all new furniture and new shelves and getting everything really organized, it feels great! Just so much left to do… i’ll post more on the studio re-do when I have some photos so show.

I can’t believe my birthday is next week, the month of March always flies by!  I am happy to have a couple of vacation days to hang out with John and do some spring shopping.  I can’t decide if I want to bake my own birthday cake this year, but since over the weekend I made a simple Lemon Cake that did not turn out very well at all, I might just go ahead and buy one!


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