The Apple Lisa.

In honor of finally getting an iPhone, I thought I would write about the first desktop computer from Apple, the Lisa! Before there was the name Macintosh, or Mac, there was the The Lisa. What fun it was to find out that I share a name with the first Apple computer!

From Wikipedia:  While the documentation shipped with the original Lisa only ever referred to it as The Lisa, officially, Apple stated that the name was an acronym for Local Integrated Software Architecture or LISA.  It was the first commercially sold personal computer to have a GUI, a graphic user interface.  Check out those large floppy disk drive ports!! I can’t believe that when I was in art school we still used those huge floppy disks to store our data from our computer classes, which were focused solely on animation and the first versions of Photoshop-like painting software.

If you look really close you can see the Lisa logo right below the screen on the left.

Image viaWikipedia.  Check out the Wikipedia link above if you care about more details.

It’s crazy fun to see how just 28 years later we have such powerful little handheld computers called iPhones…


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