Cooky Book!!

I found Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book!!  It’s a first edition, first printing from 1963 with around 450 cooky recipes. So exciting!!  It’s in great shape with almost no page yellowing or browning at the edges.  I found it at our neighborhood used book store and it was there along with about 5-6 other pristine cookbooks from the 60’s.  The guy behind the counter told me that they had just gotten them in that day and they had come in wrapped in wax paper and then plastic book covers that he had stripped off of them so that is why they were in such great shape.

This book had been on my radar for several years, around every Christmas I see this book referenced on at least one cooking blog/website and I would search around the web for it only to find copies without enough pictures to really see the condition of the book, or they were too expensive (for me!) when shipping was included.  The inside is well designed with lots of great pictures and good instructions, and I took pictures of a few random pages:

Independent book stores are so rare these days, and we just treasure this one because it’s extra special!  You can take your books in for credit and a little cash and then you can use the credit towards purchases at the store.  It’s a great way to get books very inexpensively, and it ensures that they have quite an eclectic collection of books and other media. We always have tons of credit from pruning our collection from time to time by taking in books for credit, and then I can buy more vintage books!!!!


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