The other day I was upstairs working in my studio room and this bird kept flying back and forth in front of my window.  It went by so fast I was not sure what kind of bird it was.  Later in the day I was out in the back yard checking out the flora (the Gerber daisy that will not die!) and fauna (tons of squirrels!)  and noticing how much this tree has grown since we moved in around 5 years ago and it was planted in the back yard at that time.

Then I thought about that bird flying by my window again and started looking up in the branches and found a bird’s nest with a dove sitting inside! I could not believe how the dove just sat there and looked back at me.  Did not even chirp at me, or move at all other than to kind of look down at me. This morning I was able to get a pretty good photo of nest!  Just look right above the nest in the middle of the photo and you can make out the little dove’s head!

I did a quick search and found out that doves nest in pairs and that the male sits for the first part of the day and then the female takes over for the afternoon and evening.  They nest together for the whole breeding season, always having two eggs at a time, with around six nests a year, and the eggs take around two weeks to hatch.  So it looks like we will have some baby doves in the near future!

Side note:  The Gerber daisy that I mentioned above and in an earlier post used to be out front in the common area of our condos by the garage door. But all the daisy flower buds and even the flowers were being destroyed and pulled off randomly, just snapped off right below the flower bud.  At first I thought it might be hungry squirrels because I know they will eat other types of flower bulbs, but when actual flowers started going missing I thought that was strange.

Then I started suspecting that it was my 6-year-old neighbor girl when outside playing by herself in the common area. She started asking me about the flowers when I was outside, asking what happened to them, and there was just something about they way she asked that made me suspect her. So I decided to put the daisy in the back yard on the patio and see what happened.  Have not lost a single flower bud since, so I guess that is my proof that it was her and not the squirrels!!  Why little kids do what they do will always be a mystery!


Here are a couple of pictures of the dove on the nest that I took this afternoon in better light:

The bright blue ring around the eye is so beautiful!


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