On Friday night we were driving up to Academy to buy a canopy tent for my first outdoor market  (exciting!) in a few of weeks. To the east there was still heavy rain and dark, dark clouds and to the west, a bright sunset. As we drove into the parking lot, I noticed this rainbow right above the store. I took this shot with my iPhone through my dirty windshield!  Turned out pretty nice for a quick snap, the fuzzy/blurry feel really adds something nice to the shot.

The rest of the weekend went really fast. We slept in really late both days and that made the weekend just fly by. I guess we needed to catch up on our sleep. I made a great batch of blueberry muffins on Saturday.  We did a test run of setting up the canopy just to see how to set it up. On Sunday we ran around to multiple Guitar Center locations so John could check out guitar gear just for fun. Then boom, it was Sunday night, our only night of the week we watch lots of TV. Who else is addicted to HBO? Game of Thrones, Treme, and we can’t wait for the return of True Blood and Boardwalk Empire. Can’t remember the last time we watched a “prime time” network show, but we do love our HBO series on Sunday nights.


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