A Snake in our Backyard!!

This morning while we were having coffee I kept hearing these birds going crazy in our back yard. I walked outside and it was at least four blue jays screaming at something, going nuts in the tree and not seeming to care about me yelling at them to be quiet. They were in a tree that was just on the other side of our fence in the ally, so I could not see all of the tree, but knew something had them all riled up.  I came back inside and told John that I was going to walk around back into the alley and see what they were screaming about.

This is what I found:

A snake in the tree branches just on the other side of our fence!  I ran back around and told John he had to come check it out more with me. He decided to throw a couple of rocks at the tree branch to see if we could run it off into the alley so we would not have to hear the birds go on and on all afternoon. John was able to knock the branch and it fell down into the alley. From the looks of this blurry shot, it may have eaten some eggs from their nest:

And here is the final shot I took.  I was not really very close, but my camera has a pretty good zoom.  I wonder what kind of snake it is? And I sincerely hope I do not find it in my backyard later……. but by the time I finished this post we could not hear the blue jays anymore so I hope we were successful in running off the snake!


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