Table Skirts

For the outdoor market that I am doing in just over a week, I made some felt skirts to cover the tables to make the display look nice. Here is the front:

The side, where I attached ribbon to the front and the back panels (which were really just one big panel!) to cinch down the fabric to the table.  I made the back a little shorter than the front so that it would be easier to store stuff under the table during the show.

The ends where I sewed on the separate panels to cover the sides, I sewed a zig zag stitch but left the last inch or so at each end unattached so it would be easier to fold them under the front and back when tied together:

Close up of the ties, where I securely sewed on the grosgrain ribbon ties. 

I am really happy with how they turned out!

The felt was on sale and I think I got almost 6 yards (all they had left!!) for around $17 and that covered two tables that are 2 feet x 4 feet. I bought extra to make sure that I would not run short, but I am pretty sure I could have gotten away with 5 yards. I wanted the extra yardage to make a few other things like table weights to hold things down on the table if it is really windy the day of the show. The ribbon was $3.50 so the whole project was just over $20!

If anyone out there would like more of an explanation or tutorial of how I made them just post a comment and I’ll post more detailed instructions of how I made them.



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