Market Day.

This weekend we did our first outdoor market. Here are the early morning pictures I took of our booth on Saturday right after we got set up:

I really like how the table skirts turned out. They made it easy to stash all our stuff behind the tables!

Here are the close up table shots:

I made little felt bags filled with aquarium rocks for the table to hold down the prints in case it was windy, and it was just windy enough that I did need to use them. Two young boys came by and looked at our stuff, and asked if we were selling the weight bags because they would be fun to throw at each other!  That was pretty cute.

We had a good location, but most people were just buying the produce and plants for sale.  Our booth was right next to the organizer’s booth right by the entrance area from the parking lot. John thinks that since it was a neighborhood market most people were only interested in the produce. I even bought some blackberries from the vendor right behind us and they were great!

We had several nice comments about my stuff, and I think our booth turned out looking nice overall. I learned that I need to mark the ponytail holders better because lots of people asked what they were. A lot of people liked the kitchen conversion prints in the middle, so it was nice to get some feedback in person and hear what people had to say about my designs.

It was definitely hot, but not that bad until around 11:00. From 11:00 to 1:00 it was really hot. Tearing everything down was the hottest part of the whole process, but since I had everything organized really well, it went pretty fast. When I went to get the car so we could load up I realized I had forgotten to put up the sunshade in the car, so the car was scalding hot too!  Oops!

So, overall I am glad I did it but not sure that outdoor shows are worth the time and money investment. Or the heat. I was wiped out for the rest of the day. So that was Saturday!

A special thanks to my friends Alicia and Dee who came by and braved the heat to check out my booth! I really appreciate you guys coming by so much!


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