Christmas Already?

I say this every year. Every June during one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby to get something for my current crafty project, I will see the first aisles of christmas ornaments being placed.

Everything spring/summer related was being put on clearance and fall/holiday was being set up in the seasonal section. It always makes me think I need to start planning this year’s holiday card and ornament… the really hot temps started so early this year, it is nice to think about fall and the holidays and to make those future plans.

But this summer, for the first time ever since we have lived in our condo, I am not dreading the summer heat quite so much. Why? Because we finally got our landlord to replace our a/c unit. We can finally use the second story of our home! I can cook dinner without dying from the heat! It’s just amazing and has me filled with relief!



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