What says summer more than homemade strawberry ice cream?

I have tinkered with my strawberry ice cream recipe and I think it’s finally perfect! Even though I usually cut way back on the heavy cream called for in the recipes just because I think it tastes better that way, it makes the most difference in this recipe. It really make the strawberries stand out.  20-30 minutes spinning in the ice cream maker, and then a couple of hours in the freezer and then you have a perfect summer treat for days!  I love my Cuisinart ice cream maker!

In other news: Last week my neighbor gifted me a pot of herbs with curly parsley, what I think is Silver Posie thyme, and a Serrano pepper plant. So nice! I have been making sure to keep it watered and hoping that it lives through all this heat! I was so happy when the pepper plant sprouted a flower bud that means my first pepper is sprouting! So exciting!

Until this morning when I went outside and my neighbor girl is at it again. She snapped off the flower bud of the pepper plant! So frustrating! She was gleefully snapping off my Gerber daisy flowers until I put it in the backyard, so it has to be her! But the late afternoon sun is too much for the plants in the backyard, so I really need to be able to leave them in the front near the garage so they only get morning sun. So I made a sign and put it in the pot that says ” Please STOP breaking off the flowers.”  I don’t know if it will work, but it’s worth a shot. So frustrating! Wish me luck that it works…



One thought on “Strawberries!

  1. Laura says:

    I think I have the same ice cream maker and I’ve been using it a lot lately! I was asking an Italian friend about the difference between ice cream and gelato and she said that gelato has less fat (more milk, less cream), which will make the flavors in it stand out more…so you’re definitely on to something 🙂

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