High and Low.

The high: Yesterday June and I went to a late breakfast and saw the movie, Beginners. What a movie!  The story! The acting! The love! I like small independent films a lot, but every once in a while there is one that just hits all the right notes for you personally and that is how I feel about that one. We also saw Midnight in Paris last week, and it was so good too! Even if you have never wanted to go to Paris before, this movie will make you fall in love Paris and want to go there immediately just to breathe the air and walk around and buy croissants and macarons.

The low: Tuesday evening while eating dinner, the crown on my lower tooth cracked in half. A little crunchy surprise that ruined my dinner. Even though I love my dentist, Dr. Beadle, because he has amazing skills and is a very nice person, I have a lot of anxiety about dental visits from bad childhood experiences.

So that meant an emergency trip to the dentist yesterday and to get the not at all surprising news that I would get to pay for a whole new crown. So fun! That also meant that I had to get all numbed up so they could cut off the broken crown and put on a temporary so that I could get a new crown made. But at least I was given some nitrous gas to help me relax, and to help me not to think too much about how expensive this little dental emergency was going to be while in the chair.

It took over four hours for the numbing to go away, so instead of dinner we went to the mall and got smoothies at Thirsty’s. Yum!  And I bought a pair of retro sunglasses for cheap at Urban Outfitters in my dental drug induced hangover while drinking my smoothie.  Good times!



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