Peaches and Margaritas!

When I walked into Central Market, there was a huge display of Texas peaches. Yum!  What to do with them?

Peach Ice Cream of course! It is a million degrees hot so all I want to make is ice cream. I searched and searched for a good recipe. Some even had cream cheese in them. Who makes ice cream using cream cheese? I have seen a lot of recipes that use sweetened condensed milk, too, and that makes some sense, but I like to control the amount of sugar in my ice cream to my taste. Could not find a recipe that made sense to me, so I decided to just wing it.

I followed the basic idea from my strawberry ice cream recipe. Peeled and cut up the peaches and macerated them in lemon juice and sugar for a couple of hours. Lemon juice is really magic when you macerate fruit, it seems to brighten and deepen the flavor of the fruit without tasting lemony. Then I pureed the peaches and added them to a vanilla ice cream base and it turned out great. So fresh tasting, a great summer treat.

We have also been making lots of margaritas lately. Seven ingredients: Simply Limeade, Tequila, Triple Sec, fresh limes, ice, salt, and a cocktail shaker.  I really like DeKuyper and Sons Premium Orange liqueur for the triple sec, it tastes fabulous even on its own, and Sombrero Silver 100% Agave Tequila which is inexpensive and really good.

I recommend you have two every evening, a good margarita really helps take the edge off summer. So tired of the heat already and we still have at least eight more weeks of this. It was 106 degrees on Friday! Crazy!


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