Not much new lately. Just picked up a new project, which is good, I really need the work. The scorching summer heat has stolen all my ambition to get things done. Just too hot. Once I manage to do all the little things that keep a household running, like grocery shopping, cooking, basic cleaning and laundry, I just don’t feel like doing much else. Except for maybe making a few margaritas, there is always energy for that!

I baked a little cake for us this weekend, a perfect white cake recipe, which I am in love with, with fresh cherry filling and cherry cream cheese icing. Yum! This was the first time I had pitted cherries by hand, and I don’t own a cherry pitter so I had to wing it. I searched the interwebs, and there were some great ideas, like using a chopstick, a straw, or other kitchen objects that I did not have. So I searched the utensil drawer and came up with the straight end of a hand mixer beater. I sliced up the ends of the cherries in a little X to help the process along, and then pushed the pit through by pushing the metal rod through the stem end. A lot of work, but isn’t pitting cherries a lot of work any way you do it? But totally worth it.

I then made a quick batch of cherry filling following a recipe in the back of my Little Cakes book. It turned out great! I cut the one layer of cake into two layers and put some of the filling between them, and added some of the filling to the basic cream cheese icing recipe and it turned out great. I have tons left over, so I think I am going to freeze it and see if I can come up with some future things to make with yummy cherry filling. Very home made looking, as the kitchen was really heating up by the time I was finishing up so I needed to get it into the fridge:

I am also recently fascinated by french macarons. I realized that I have never had one. I tried one bakery in town last weekend, but the location that I went to was the second location that did not do the baking, and they had not brought any over that day from the other location. So, still waiting to try them until I can drive up to the other location. I might try to make them, but since they are a little bit of work, I want to make sure that I like them before I make them and then I will know what I am shooting for if I try to bake them myself.

Also, I just have to ask. Can someone please explain the crazy craziness around the In-and-Out burger joint? I just don’t get it. The one that has opened up in our adjacent neighborhood off Central Expressway has been backing up the feeder road since it opened. Police directing traffic, tons of cars at all times of day I have driven by heading somewhere else nearby. I just can’t understand how people could line up like that cars and cars deep, or outside the restaurant in a line in the heat, just to get a hamburger and french fries.

I mean, I love a good burger, who doesn’t? Is it just the brand that people are crazy for? Have they created that perfect mystique that makes people have to go no matter how long it takes? Because I for one, see that line and just keep on driving. Plus, it is annoying because you can’t get to Taco Bueno next door, which is my fast food of choice when I want some fast food action. But really, what’s all the fuss? What am I missing?


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