La Princesa Ice Fruit Bars

Today I went outside to water the plants, and before I could get the hose out, I heard a little bell. The distinct tinkling of the little blue La Princesa cart bell.

I scrambled inside and found that I had $2 and a bunch of quarters and went back outside to see if I could catch him on the block. I was lucky he had not traveled far, he was still across the street, hanging out near the corner under a shade tree taking a short break. I headed to the curb and and he noticed me wave and waited for me to cross the busy street. It has been forever since we had one of these yummy treats, and I knew John would enjoy the surprise when he got home from work!

The ice was soft and would crush easily as you took a bite, the texture was wonderful, like a snow cone in bar form. I wonder how they manage that? Since they only had one watermelon, I got that for John and a lemon for myself. I was intrigued that it was green and not yellow. It actually tasted more like a sweet lemon-lime flavor and it was really tasty and refreshing treat. I must buy more, I am going to have to try and catch up with these little blue carts again this summer!

Oh, and how great is the princess illustration on the package? Love it!


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