Chocolate Macarons

Of late, I have become obsessed with making macarons. French macarons. I found a bakery across town and tried a couple. YES! These were something that I wanted to bake!

First try is the recipe out of Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. They turned out pretty good for a first try:

I have a couple more books about macarons that I checked out from the library. AndI have enough almond meal to make a couple of different test batches using different recipes. I am late to the macaron craze so I need to catch up!

The almond meal I got in the bulk section is a little course, so I may pony up and buy the Bob’s Red Mill next to see if it is any finer, even it if costs twice much, it might be worth it. I think my photo makes them look so pretty! They definitely look homemade and rustic compared to the ones in the fancy bakery. I also need to practice my piping bag skills, it was not very hard the first time but I am sure it will get easier with practice.

I also tried to make my own grenadine with pomegranate juice and sugar. Unfortunately I got distracted and let it cook way to long and it turned out way to thick and will not work as grenadine, but it is a lovely thick pomegranate syrup. It tastes amazing, but if you put it in a cold drink it just solidifies! Oops! I must figure out something to do with it so it, it seems a shame to have to throw it out when it tastes so good. I wonder what I can do with it?


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