Yesterday I wanted to bake some cookies. Chocolate cookies. I decided on Chocolate Crackle cookies from Martha Stewart’s Holiday Cookies magazine from 2006. So I put the butter out on the counter to soften and when it was ready, I discovered that I did not have any chocolate baking bars in the pantry. Oops, I thought I had bought them last time I went to Target!

So what other cookie recipes can I make with one stick of softened butter? Most cookies use two sticks of butter. I flipped through the pages and found the Old-Fashioned Chewy Molasses cookies. I had a little less molasses left in the pantry than the recipe called for, but forged ahead anyway. I kind winged it as I went along and used the recipe as a guide. I was also out of ginger and allspice, so I only used cinnamon. Then I decided I should crackle them with powdered sugar! Why not? They turned out very tasty. And pretty!



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