A Very Large Flower

I am been really bored with my current living room decor accessories! It’s a really tiny living room, and we do not have much room at all for accessories. Any kind of table like the sofa table and the coffee table are always covered in books and magazines, so there is no room for cute accessories. That leaves the mantle, where I have had the same prints for a while. So I decided that I would make something. But what?

Around the same time, I had also started working on a small project that I found on NotMartha’s blog, the red Dahlia brooch that she made for Mother’s Day last year. I had some leftover felt from other projects so went to work.  It was fast and turned out great. Then it gave me a great idea!

What if I took this pattern and blew it up to make a really large flower for my mantle? It turned out really great if I do say so myself! It is around 24 inches wide, here is the up close shot:

I took the below photo for scale, but I think it makes it look smaller than it seems in real life. I have the fireplace covered with a framed print of a paper cut that I did a few years ago. And of course, there is always a guitar propped up there for John. The strange piece of art in the bottom right is from a graffiti artist named Tony Bones, but at the time was tagging everything SOLER. I should take a good up close picture of it and post a story of how I came to be in possession of this piece of street art some day soon. It deserves a post on its own.

Pretty happy with how it turned out. It brightens up the space. Next up, something for above the television! I am thinking about a fabric applique piece from a vintage craft book I found recently, there are a lot of great patterns in there…


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