Work In Progress

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest crafty project, a felt applique xmas wreath. I found this project in a vintage applique craft book from the 70’s that I picked up at Half Price Books.

I have plenty of time to get this finished by the holidays, which is good because I have to embroider on each piece of felt! I was lucky to find embroidery thread that matched the colors very closely, so now I have to brush up on my embroidery skills and get to work!

The original pattern was around 15 inches, but of course, I made it much bigger than that, it is 24 inches across! All the pieces are cut out and laid out generally in the correct place and then the interior of the green background will be stuffed with fiberfill to give it a rounded effect. I am in love with felt lately, it is just so easy to work with.

What I should really get going on is my holiday card design for this year. I might use this wreath as inspiration, but who knows? Yes, I am one of those nutty people who starts working on my holiday designs around August every year, it takes me that long to create and execute the design!


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