This I Believe.

It is true that I believe happiness is homemade. Baked goods, a home cooked meal, the multitude of craft projects that I get myself into, anything I make with my own hands makes me happy.

So when I walked into Anthropologie yesterday afternoon and this was the first thing that I saw after I walked through the door, I just had to snap the picture. They have such amazing displays, always something creative. I love their clothes, even though I can’t wear them, and they always have amazing jewelry and home accessories. And books, they always have interesting books, I found the oversized Charlie Harper book edited by Todd Oldham and ran home to order it off Amazon. I am almost positive that I did not pay what it is currently listed for at that Amazon link right now!

I am currently practicing my embroidery skills to work on the next phase of the felt holiday wreath that I posted earlier, the applique of all those pieces. It has been a long time since I have done any type of embroidery so my skills are rusty. Hopefully soon I can start on the wreath itself after a little more practice.


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