Butterflies from 1972.

Check out this great fabric calendar I found this weekend at Lula B’s Antique store in Deep Ellum! It’s fantastic! It is printed linen and it is in such great shape. I really like calendars from the year I was born, I have at least a couple! I am in love with the 70’s era designer Vera Neumann who designed this calendar. It is made out of linen and I added the wooden dowels into the seams to hang it with a bit of yarn. I think I need to cut the dowels down and paint them white, but I can do that later. Right now I just want to enjoy my find!

I also found a book about the Vera designs on Amazon here, but I am getting it transferred to my local library to check out first.  There is also this book, but I can’t find a copy of it at the library or bookstore to check out yet.



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