State Fair Fun

We went to the Texas State Fair last Monday evening. John had taken the day off for a doctor’s appointment, so we went after 5:00 so we could get in for a 5 bucks with an empty Dr. Pepper can. Plus it would be cooler after dark since it’s still in the upper 80’s right now! I am happy it’s not 105 degrees anymore, but really, is it ever going to get into the 70’s?

Here are a few snaps I took with my iPhone while we walked around. First, we went to see the cars, and then we went to the arts and crafts building. This year’s butter sculpture was really nice, yes I am a nerd that enjoys the butter sculpture every year! I just love how it smells like butter even outside of the refrigerated case.

This Beatles themed quilt was really one of the best this year:

I always like the look of all the winning jars of jams, preserves, and pickled fruits and veggies look all lined up with their colorful ribbons. Some of them have all their veggies all lined up so perfectly they are like little jars of edible art.

This was my favorite piece this year. In was really hard to capture all the beautiful details of the paper quilling since it was hung pretty high up in the case and I am so short!  It was really beautifully done, all of those tiny details done with little tiny strips of paper rolled into intricate patterns.

I found this next piece of embroidery really strange. It was from the junior section, but I just don’t really understand why this is even entered into the contest, much less gets a blue ribbon. The embroidery reads “Some people are like slinkeys, it makes you smile to see them fall down the stairs.” Just seems kind of mean-spirited to me… I just don’t know why you would choose this to embroider.

Next, we went to the petting zoo where you can pet and feed the animals.

Most of the baby animals moved to fast to get anything but blurry pictures. This kangaroo with baby feet sticking out of it’s pouch was really cute!

Pigs! Some were squealing and fighting for space and others just fast asleep! So cute!

Next, we walked around the Midway. I have always wanted to go on the ferris wheel, but John always dissuades me from going because he says that it is way too boring. And he’s probably right, so we have never gotten on it in all the times we have been to the fair!!

I forgot to take a picture of Big Tex during the daylight hours we were there, so I snapped this one on the way out. He looks kind of creepy in this photo, and his right hand appears to be broken. It is supposed to wave back and forth and it looks like it got stuck in an awkward position!

That’s it for this year! We live only a few minutes away from the fairgrounds, and we always say that we should go back more than once, but we never do! We are lucky that the state fair is held at Fair Park, a beautiful collection of art deco buildings built for the 1936 exposition. All of the buildings are restored with amazing murals on the outside and wonderful sculptures throughout the park, it is always nice to just enjoy this amazing piece of history while at the fair.


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