New Neighbors.

I recently noticed that we have new neighbors! Little bird neighbors! They are SO cute in the window! My small condo complex is next to a small apartment building that a few of the windows overlook my driveway. Yesterday I looked up to see these cuties in the window! I could not get a very good picture since the window is second story, but I was able to zoom in for a couple snaps.

And here they are loving on each other:

I have the nicest neighbor who has taken to giving me plants. It is so nice of her! First, she gave me a Serrano pepper plant that is still growing and I will be harvesting a nice crop of peppers soon. Then I came home from the dentist on Monday, from a second emergency crown on one of my molars that broke from a too-big filling, and two of these beautiful dark red mums were waiting for me, already potted. I just love them, they make me feel like fall is really finally here!

We were out and about really early this morning since John had a 6 am minor surgery scheduled, and I actually needed a hoodie! His surgery went very well and he is now snoozing on the sofa and I am trying not to make too much noise. Very hard for me!


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