A day late…

I made this knitted wig for Halloween:

But since I started this project on Friday night, which is a little late, I did not finish it until late in the day on Halloween. It was easy to knit up, the pattern was well written, I just did not spend enough time knitting this weekend! Oh well, it’s ready for next year! You can find the pattern here via the fabulous NotMartha.org.

Not much else been going on except a last-minute work rush last week before the holiday slow down. Yesterday I went crazy with house cleaning and scrubbed the oven and the refrigerator, and I am always amazed how disgustingly dirty these two appliances get so easily. Today my shoulders are sore from all the scrubbing!

Today I am getting a late start working on my holiday cards. I finally have a couple of ideas for ornaments that might actually turn into a workable design. This year I keep having ideas that would not fit into a card for mailing, but I am going to make a couple of different mockups today and see where that leads. Then after I get the ornament worked out, I can design the matching card. Some years the cards come first, some years the ornaments come first. I might even design a card to be printed by MOO this year, would that be cheating? Somehow it feels like cheating since I usually hand print my cards in some way. But time is getting away this year… so it’s a good option for this year I think since the pricing is so good.



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