2011 Holiday Card.

Happy Holidays! I finally finished and mailed my card, now for the big reveal:

This is one of those projects that I just jumped right into and worked it out as I went along.  I got the idea out of a random library book I picked up one day to flip through. There was a much larger design of a paper wreath to make for the top of a tin of cookies and using real ribbon. Since I had already purchased a holly punch for last year’s card, it seemed like the way to go this year, so I changed it up a bit, scaled it down and did the entire design in paper.

I am glad that I did not do much math about how many pieces I needed to make, I just went to work making a bunch of pieces to assemble. After I finished all the ornaments I found out that I had punched out, scored, folded and glued 1, 204 holly pieces (602 of each color), and punched out and glued around 903 little red holly berries in clusters of three. (If I had done the math before I started, I would have been intimidated by the numbers! But I just make a bunch of pieces, assemble as many ornaments as I can, and then make more pieces until I am done.) Next, I cut scored and folded the red ribbons for the back of the wreath, and finished it all up by making little pieces of paper that I glued onto the back of the red ribbon with a small punched hole and used silver string for a hanger.

Pictures of the process in production of ornaments:


While in the process of making the ornaments, I decided to use a simple dove with a holly leaf instead of an olive branch to match the wreath ornament and cut all of them out by hand using a template that I had drawn. I also cut out, scored and folded all of the cards by hand out of Canson paper so that the card itself would match the color of the ribbons and holly berries exactly. That ended up being a challenge to find enough paper, but I was able to find enough at an art store in Plano. I designed and printed out the interior panel on my color inkjet printer using a font that I modified by drawing a pattern that I applied to the each letter, then I glued them into the interior of the card after gluing the dove to the front of the card.

I should have taken more pictures of the process, but I just get into the making mode and everything gets messy and I don’t want to take pictures of how messy things are while working! I am really happy with how they turned out this year, I hope everyone who got one enjoys them too!


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