Last of the Leaves.

The leaves on the enormous oak tree next door were more a brown orange and not as bright an orange color as past years, probably from lack of rain. There are still plenty of leaves left to drop, but most smaller trees have lost their leaves already. I love the look of fall and the leaves tossing around on the ground.

There is one little tree three doors down, this one is just now turning an amazing orange/yellow color that just jumps out at you as you drive by. They are little bombs of color all over the neighborhood.

Plus, the house is decorated so nicely for the holidays!

I like this time of year when the trees slowly become bare and you can see things that are normally hidden in the trees like bird nests. It’s amazing all the little nests perched in the top that appear once all the leaves are gone.

There are also these pretty little bushes that are just covered in purple flowers. I don’t know what they are, but they are such a pretty pop of color as the rest of nature turns into the dull colors of winter, this little bush stands out so brightly.

These are the things I notice as the seasons change in my neighborhood. It’s beautiful year round for different reasons.


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