Lucky Girl.

I was one lucky girl this holiday season. Both of these wonderfully wrapped packages contained amazing surprises that John picked out without any hints from me.

I am always impressed with his mad wrapping skills, such pretty bows!

Inside the small box was a beautiful white and black diamond flower pendant necklace, and the large box contained a felt cloche hat that I had tried on at Anthropologie a while back. John remembered it and went back for it just a couple of days before Christmas.

I got John a turntable for his old vinyl records that have been in the closet for years and years and it was a big hit. Since we opened our presents on Friday, we went out and scoured Half Price Books for a few more records on Christmas Eve right before they closed!  We had a great weekend where we just listened to records for two days straight and I have to say, it was fabulous. Listening to records is really an experience of listening to music that cannot be duplicated in any other form. We had a wonderful holiday and I hope everyone else reading this did too.

Now to get ready for the New Year…


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