Music on vinyl is special. I did not really understand this until I bought John a record player for Christmas.  We did nothing but listen to records for almost a week solid. We went scouring the thrift stores and found a bunch of great records for super cheap. We went to Half Price Books and bought more records. We even went to IKEA and bought a new shelf for the record player and the records!  I am officially obsessed with records!

Initially, I bought the record player because for the last twenty years, we have had a box of records in the closet that we have never played. How crazy is it that we have had records for this long, but never a way to listen to them? But now, we have the start of a nice collection, when we went through them last night and realized that we have bought over 40 records since Christmas as of this weekend!!  We can’t stop!

I have never owned a record player since I was a kid of the 80’s. You really experience the music as an entire collection of songs and it just fills the room in a way no other medium does. Maybe I have just been listening to music through my little speakers attached to my computer for way too long. But really, VINYL is the way to experience music.

I have also become mildly obsessed with Dave Brubeck. It’s the perfect dinner music. It’s the perfect drinking coffee on a Sunday morning music. Must have more Brubeck records!

On our tenth anniversary, I got John his first guitar and now I can’t remember a time that he did not play guitar. I feel that getting this record player is kind of a significant change in our house like that was, that brings music into our home in a new way again. Now we listen to records instead of watching a rerun of some bad TV show or movie for the millionth time. And I like that.

To a new year filled with music.


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