Cherry Pie Cookies.

Early this week I bought some cherries and before I had a chance to eat them all they started showing signs that they would need to be cooked so that they would not go to waste. My solution? Mini cherry hand pie cookies!

I made these yesterday, and they are a take off of the apple pie cookies.  I used the same dough recipe, except I kind of cheated and made the dough in the food processor instead of by hand, but the dough turned out just as flaky and buttery as the apple version.

I used a random recipe for cherry hand pies from Bon Appetit for the filling, except after I pitted the cherries I chopped up the cherries a bit for a less chunky filling.  Then I used a 3.5 inch cutter for the rounds that I folded in half around the filling, so they are the perfect three bite size.

Who doesn’t love mini sized treats, right?


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