New Project.

Sneak peek at my new felt applique project. It will be a 24″ x 36″ wall hanging with a charcoal gray background and all the colors shown here.

I designed this from three different applique projects from a vintage applique craft book. I drew all the elements, then mixed and matched to make a new design while adding a few new elements too. I then print out a tiled pattern that I cut and tape together to use as a layout guide for cutting and pinning all the pieces to the background piece, the charcoal gray panel that I sewed up this weekend.

After I pinned everything to the background panel, I decided to make a few changes and changed the all the colors to the heart piece in the middle, and few additional edits to the overall design. Now I am happy with all the colors and the layout, I just have to whip stitch the pieces down so that I can do the final embroidery on all the pieces. It takes a little time to do both steps, but as I learned with the wreath project, it really makes a difference. Hopefully I will be able to show you the finished piece soon…


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