Yeast Rolls.

I just found this photo I took of the yeast rolls I made to take to my parents for Christmas lunch. I used a really simple recipe and instead of using muffin tins to make the rolls, but I decided to go all out and roll them into knots. It looks super fancy, but is actually so easy to do.

You simply roll out a length of dough in a rope shape, tie them in a knot once, tuck the ends into the middle from the top and the bottom, squeeze them together, and voilá, pretty little knots. (I think it’s called a half-hitch knot.) I rolled out small amounts of dough, but once they completed the second rise they were puffed up, and then they doubled again in size in the oven! (I under baked these just a little so they would not over brown the next day when reheating.) Yeast rolls are so very tasty, easy to make, and freeze really well. I should make another batch soon for the freezer…


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