Desiccated Daisies.

Yesterday I was tending to my outdoor plants and I snipped these two daisies off because they were not looking too great. I absent-mindedly sat them next to where I was working on a stool and forgot about them. (Since the winters are so mild, the Gerber daisy pretty much blooms year round, the flowers just vary in size and shades of pink.)

Then last night, I noticed I forgot to throw them out so took a couple of quick iPhone snaps in the dark. I did not move them or pose them, the composition was just luck. I had no idea if it would even capture them with just the tiny lightbulb of the garage for illumination. I just like testing the limits of my iPhone camera to see what I end up with.

This morning, I was transferring the images off my phone and noticed that there was something there. I ran a couple of simple actions in Photoshop to brighten the images and this was the instant effect. Grainy and low resolution in the best way, I found the composition really beautiful because of the roughness.


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