I went to IKEA last Friday afternoon and found some curtains for my studio room for $10! And with a cheap curtain rod from Target, the whole window was only $15! I was really looking to find curtains for the living room, but could not decide what to get for that room, but these fun curtains were just what I needed to brighten up my workspace.

I have never had proper curtains for the room, I just had some fabric tacked up over the windows with push pins. So this is quite an upgrade. I actually like to have the window open during the day, it’s the only thing I like about having two floors in this condo is having windows with a view of the treetops.

Last year I bought new work tables for the room from IKEA and it was the best decision ever. I bought a nice corner unit with extra tables on each side and it fills the entire corner of the room. Just like with the curtains, I had put up with temporary folding tables for way too long and there is nothing like having a proper work space. I am so much more productive now.



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