Thrift Store Find.

This weekend, I found these salt and pepper shakers at a thrift store for 65 cents each!

I have not cleaned them yet, and they still have the remnants of stickers on the front. I wonder if the stickers were on there when they were new?  I don’t know why I had to buy four, but I just had to have them all! They are just so cute and tiny all in a row.

I remember my Mom having the same design in a canister set in our kitchen when I was a kid. I have seen those for sale in vintage shops, but I don’t really have enough counter space for anything decorative in my kitchen. So when I saw these little salt and pepper shakers, I just had to have them. I’ll probably put them in my studio, not in the kitchen. My friend April had a great idea that I should use them as glitter shakers!

We were at the thrift store combing through a huge lot of dusty records and since we had found several to purchase (for 50 cents each, that’s the cheapest price we have seen at any thrift!) I just had to grab these as we headed to the register! This is the danger of searching for records at thrift stores, I seem to find other little things to buy!


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