Valentine’s Day Cookies.

I made these butter cookies from my favorite recipe for John to take to work on Friday. The secret to the recipe is two tablespoons of orange juice. It does not add an orange flavor to the dough, just a little something. They turned out so yummy and cute! Sprinkles are cute!

Half with icing and sprinkles and the other half still cooling:

I used this simple icing recipe. I need to work on my icing skills, I made this icing a little too thick and it was so hard to pipe out into pretty heart shapes, but I managed okay. I figured out pretty fast that I needed to put the cookies on a sheet pan to catch all the wayward sprinkles. Sprinkles are like glitter, they get everywhere!

I went out to find a small heart shaped cookie cutter, but since it was only five days until Valentine’s Day, everything was almost gone and all the leftovers were on clearance. No one had the cookie cutter set that I was looking for, but I found this a different cookie cutter instead. It is actually for Linzer heart cookies, and it was the perfect size. (And now I’ll just have to make Linzer cookies too! I like that it came with a neat interchangeable interior cutter that offers six different little center cut outs for the top cookie!)


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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