Friday Night.

Last Friday night we went out to a concert at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff to see Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth playing a solo concert with a small backing band that included a violin, a harp, guitar and drums. The harpist was awesome! We got awesome front row seats right to the left of center to the stage and it was loud and glorious.

The stage was simple with a video backdrop, and old lamps with vintage light bulbs and without shades sitting around the stage to provide lighting along with just a few actual stage lights and one spotlight from the balcony.

Here is Thurston right after he came onto stage and started his opening monologue and introduced the band and read a poem before they started playing. He was really funny and engaging with the audience.

Up close blurry shot, even though we were close to the stage, I used the zoom on the iPhone camera and it always makes the images fuzzy.

And then I put down my phone and enjoyed the show…

Until the middle of the show, off came the jacket and tie he was wearing and we had to move to the back of the theater because a whole bunch of people invited themselves to stand up in front of the stage and blocked our entire view so we moved to the back so we could actually see the rest of the show. So I took a couple more shots right before the end of the show…

It was a great show!!


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