White Cake With Sprinkles.

I have seen a version of this cake pop up a few times over at thekitchn.com. So I finally got around to making a small single layer version for us to have over the weekend. I did not use the linked recipe, I used one in another cookbook, Little Cakes. I like this book because makes the perfect little 8-inch one layer cakes for two with recipes for the perfect amount of frosting! I have never made a vanilla cake with vanilla icing, I usually require some chocolate or lemon/raspberry/strawberry flavored icing at the very least. But the influence of that cake link above was just too much, I really just wanted a nice vanilla cake with creamy vanilla icing, and sprinkles!

I didn’t really plan ahead with the sprinkles, I just opened the jar and went for it, and they fell everywhere and formed a cute little ring around the edge too. I made the buttercream really thick and that made it set up really fast, so I just sprinkled until none were sticking to the top and then made sure they were even around the sides and called it done! Serendipity made for a really cute cake. And very tasty!


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