It has been a very long time since I picked up a paintbrush.

Recently, out of the blue, I found some really old watercolors that were still usable, and painted these mushrooms. I always loved watercolor and gouache especially when we were in art school, and of course I still have many brushes and palettes stored away. I never can let myself part with art supplies that can be re-used, you never know when the urge might strike and you need to paint some mushrooms!

Why mushrooms? I have no idea. Even though I filled up the palette with a few colors, when I sat down to paint, I was drawn to only use one color for each of these. I have a great Dover clip art book of  flowers and trees, and I was drawn to the shapes of the mushrooms. They are not great, but not too bad since it’s been over decade since I painted at all… and it was nice to play around with a paintbrush again…


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